Key Seasonal Notes for School Ski 2020/21

With school ski trips, we're already thinking of the year ahead, even though the current season has barely begun! But it can be a large feat of organisation for school ski party leaders and not only do we like to ensure the smooth booking and operation of your ski trips, but we also like to give a few helpful tips to get you started and point you in the right direction: 

Check your holiday dates now:

Half term for almost all UK schools in 2021 clashes with peak holiday weeks across all European and North American destinations, so availability will be limited and at permium prices. If it has to be half term, book as early as possible to avoice disappointment.

If you're considering USA, you may like to opt for travelling during the New Year week instead. You can enjoy great savings by making this shift and snow records for this time of year in the USA ski resorts are fantastic. The slopes will be a lot quieter too, so it's a better option all-round.

Great news is that the Easter break is earlier for many schools in 2021:

Our research suggests that around half of the schools will be breaking up for Easter on Friday 26th March 2021, with the remainder on Thursday 1st April. We have secured beds in many snow-sure resorts across all of our key destinations. Austria will be especially popular for the early week, along with anything that is within walking distance of the slopes as this is a key departure date for Independent Schools that are more likely to travel by air, so get in quickly!

Hopefully, that gives you some key information and tips for looking ahead to school ski 21! Remember you can contact your regional advisor at any time to chat through the possibilities. If you're not already connected, find your advisor here >.