Meet our Curriculum Consultant - Mike Scott

"I became a teacher in 1984 and soon after began to take groups to the battlefields of World War One. I soon discovered my great passion in education – outdoor learning in all weathers. I have long believed that it is important to bring learning, especially history, to life in the original environment if possible. I have led trips at least once a year for my students ever since. I began to take students to battlefields further afield in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary as well as supporting the work of colleagues in other ventures. I am now a qualified guide of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and a Guild Council Member.

My career in education brought me, through Head of Department and Faculty roles, to a large boarding school in Berkshire. I became Director of Co-Curricular Activities in the Senior Leadership Team responsible for co-ordination of co- and extra-curricular and community service activities in the school. As Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) I was responsible for management, with trip leaders, of every off-site event and tour as well as bringing together many of the on-site events at a large boarding school.

When I began teaching, I knew that Learning Outside the Classroom was important, but only had a gut instinct of why it was important. Naturally, as my career progressed I developed a more theoretical understanding of the importance of what we were doing. I believe that study away from the classroom helps to develop skills, relationships and character that benefit learning and preparation for completion of examination courses and beyond. Hence, as teachers, we have to be clear about the learning objectives that apply to the visits we include as part of our study away from school. It is that understanding and experience that I now bring to Select School Travel. We are committed to ensuring that we work with teachers to create tours that help the development of students and that what we offer as part of a tour helps to support the learning objectives that staff want to achieve.

I feel fortunate to be working with a company and group of people who understand the importance of what we provide in supporting teachers to utilise different resources to help their pupils in their development."

Mike Scott – Curriculum Consultant

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